22 Surprising Hair And Makeup Hacks Every Girl Should Know

22 Surprising Hair And Makeup Hacks Every Girl Should Know

Give your bangs cool-looking texture. 

Spritz a volume spray onto your bangs, grab tiny sections, and scrunch them with your fingertips while blow-drying them to set the hairspray. (Tip via Brian Buenaventura for Cuter/Redken at Houghton.)

Easily create a straight part every time. 

The trick to creating a super straight part is to zip the comb quickly from the hairline to the crown of your head. The slower you do it, the shakier your part will be. (Tip via Bob Recine for Phyto/Beauty.com at Milly.)

Tone down super-curly hair with a flatiron. 

If you have curly hair and want to create softer waves, slightly break down the curl with a flat iron, bending your wrist forward and backward as you move down your strands. (Tip via Eugene Solomon at Tory Burch.)

Seamlessly switch up your part from side to the middle in four simple steps. 

If you have a severe center part and want to wear a side part (or vice versa), first wet down the hair at your original part. Next, create the new part and wet it down (water is key to manipulate and knock out the hold of your previous part). Finally, to lock in your new part, hit it with heat from a blow-dryer. (Tip via Harry Josh for John Frieda at Rachel Zoe.)

Create chic, cool-girl bends by holding your curling wand horizontally instead of vertically. 

First, grab a small 1-inch section of hair. Then, starting at the mid-shaft of your hair, twist and wrap it around the barrel while holding the iron horizontally. Hold the hair in place for a few seconds, and then release for a loose wave. If you want tighter, more spirally curls, hold the wand vertically while you wrap the hair around it. (Tip via Paul Hanlon for Oribe at Narciso Rodriguez.)

Fill an empty spray bottle with your favorite foaming mousse to de-aerate it, creating a product that's much easier to use. 

Taking the air out of the mousse with a spray bottle makes the product into more of a liquid than a foam, while retaining the same volume-boosting properties. (Tip via Joseph DiMaggio for Davines at Timo Weiland.)

Pin two braids together to create the look of a much more intricate braid. 

No need to spend a lot of time making a masterpiece. Instead, braid two low pigtails in the back of your head, secure them with hair ties, and then discreetly bobby pin them together. (Tip via Thomas Osborn for TIGI at Mara Hoffman.)

Create messy, slept-in waves by gripping your hair in chunks instead of raking your fingers through like a comb while styling your hair. 

Spray your hair liberally from root to tip with a texturizing spray, and then fist your hands over it as if you're gripping a rope. This will create a piece-y yet sexy look. (Orlando Pita for Tresemmé at Rebecca Minkoff.)

Blend synthetic clip-in hair extensions to your hair by spraying them with dry shampoo first. 

Most of the time, synthetic hair has an unrealistic sheen. To eliminate the sheen and make your hair piece look more natural, mattify them first. (Tip via Jeanie Syfu for Tresemmé.)

Prevent your low bun from loosening by tying your hair in two separate ponytails first.

Tie the pigtails as close together as possible in the middle of the back of your head, and then wrap the ends around each other, creating the bun. Secure with bobby pins. (Tip via Rodney Cutler at Alice + Olivia.)

For a no-makeup daytime look, opt for a matte lipstick that matches your lip color; for night, choose a glossy version. 

(Tip via Charlotte Tilbury for MAC at Donna Karan.)


Source: Cosmopolitan