9 Clever Ways To Use Your Straightening Irons

9 Clever Ways To Use Your Straightening Irons

There's a reason why ghds are now known as 'stylers' – because hot irons can do SO much than straighten your hair. In celebration of a good multi-use tool we thought we'd show you our favourite styles achieved with the ghd eclipse, our fave because it works on every hair type with plates that are cleverly insulated so you they're never too hot to handle. Get a grip on some new hair moves with these simple step-by-step pictures:

  1. Straightening

Take your parting from ear to ear and start on the first section at back, then work through sections horizontally up to your parting. Don't take sections wider than the plate, spritz on heat protection spray and comb through. When using the ghd eclipse, do one slow stroke from root to tip at a steady pace following your comb. Slightly tuck under at the ends to make it smooth.

  1. Messy Each Waves

Take big vertical sections and work away from your face. Angle your styler with the bottom part upwards starting near the root, twist it at a 360-degree angle going down. For the top sections, start at cheekbone level. When finished, rough it up but rubbing the waves with your fingers for a messy, tousled texture. Dry shampoo or a salt spray will give it a matte texture.

  1. Vintage Waves

Repeat the steps in look 2, but don't rough the waves up. Instead, spray a dressing brush or paddle brush with shine spray and brush the waves through to interlock them into one.

  1. Glamour Curls

This is a good way to cheat a bouncy blow-dry. Start at the root, twist the styler 360 degrees and pull it upwards for root-lift. Pin the curl in place to let it set. Take it down and brush through with a paddle brush.

  1. Crimped Waves

Plait random sections of hair from top to near-tip, leaving a root drag of 1-2 inches. Spray a light mist of hairspray and allow to dry. Clamp the plait tightly to flatten it, going up and done a few times then leave to cool. Unravel each plait and finger through.

  1. Polished Ponytail

Part your hair either in the centre or low at the side. Straighten as per hairstyle 1. Tilt your head backwards and brush into your ponytail, securing with a band. Create polished flicks in the ends by taking random sections of hair and turning them 180 degrees around the styler in different directions. Make it matte with sea salt spray for a dual texture against the shiny roots.

  1. 20s Faux Bob

Starting with straight hair, take fine horizontal sections. Starting near the roots, clamp the hair and start feeding the hair through the styler in a 'S' shape with short clamps. Finish the ends with a twist to get perfect finger waves. Slightly back-brush the hair with a paddle brush for body and pin the ends up and under to create a faux bob.

  1. Grungy Bends

Take quite large, random verticals sections and place the styler at eye line, holding it at a 45-degree angle, clamping diagonally across the hair. When hair is clamped, turn the styler 180 degrees and leave for a second, bring it down the hair 2 inches and turn it the opposite way 180 degrees, again leaving for a second. Repeat all the way down the hair leaving the ends out for a disheveled look. Massage the hair at the roots and rub the ends for a grungy texture. Add sea salt spray or dry shampoo for a more matte finish.

  1. Soft Retro Curls

Take horizontal sections, the size depending on how big you want your curl. Roll the hair around two fingers from end to top. Tuck the end bit of hair in-between your fingers and pull it out. Clamp it with the styler and then pin it while it cools down. Repeat with other sections. Un-pin and brush through with your fingers.

 Source: Cosmopolitan