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Creating The Perfect Blow Dry At Home

We often get asked for some tips on how to create the perfect blow-dry at home, so we have gathered some to ensure you get a blow dry with great results!
1. Don’t use the high heat settings of your blow-dryer. The air stream should not feel uncomfortable.

2. It’s important to keep the hair-dryer at least 8 inches away from the hair!

3. If you have fine hair it is best to set the air stream to a low setting to avoid tangling your hair.

4. Always blow-dry from roots to end, this provides smooth cuticle layers which make sure you hair is healthy, shiny and protected.

5. Never apply too much heat to the one spot, keep the hair dryer moving at all times. Divide the hair into sections with large hair clips or grips.

6. If you are in a hurry speed up the process by using a higher air setting rather than a higher heat setting.

7. Always always always use a heat protectant.

8. Try not to blow-dry your hair immediately after washing, if you can let your hair naturally dry for a few minutes it will cut down the time that your hair is exposed to the hair dryer.

9. The diffuser attachment of your blow-dryer is perfect for curly hair as spreads out a more even air stream and also prevents exposing individual strands of hair to too much heat.

10. When your hair is dry apply a stream of cool air which will give your hair more elasticity.

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