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How To Wash Your Hair Correctly

Did you know that the key to happy, healthy beautiful hair is understanding how to wash it? While washing your hair may seem routine, many of us aren't cleansing our hair correctly. Your hair looks and feels so good after a well-executed shampoo, doing it wrong can make your hair look totally lack luster. Learn how to wash your hair the salon way & start seeing healthier hair.

You’re Washing Your Hair Too Often.

Beautiful hair is often hair that’s not washed as often as you think! Three times a week is sufficient for most hair types. Hair produces more oil when washed too frequently!

Set The Right Temperature.

For the best wash, use hot water while you cleanse to open the hair cuticle and it's essential to use cold water to rinse conditioner to close the cuticle. Cold water helps lock in the moisture and benefits your hair in the long-run.

Scrubbing Your Scalp.

Don’t forget that healthy hair starts at the scalp so it is important to be gentle when washing the root. Don’t use your finger nails or scrub the scalp too harshly i.e. massaging the scalp with the palms of your hands is ideal and kind! We recommend shampooing twice- it usually does the trick!

There Is No One-Size Fits All Method

You wouldn’t use a moisturizer on your face for dry skin if your skin was oily and it is the same with your hair. It is important to choose a shampoo and conditioner that is suitable for your hair and scalp type. If you’ve got oily hair, consider a purifying shampoo and if your hair is dry consider using something more moisturizing. If you are not sure what is right for you ask your stylist who will prescribe exactly what you need.

Give Conditioner Time To Work.

Time can often be very tight in the mornings – jumping in and out of the shower but do try and spend a little extra time to let your conditioner work! Unlike shampoo, it’s not about a quick massage and rinse. You should apply conditioner on the mid- lengths and ends. While the product is still in your hair, use a wide-tooth comb to detangle and leave the conditioner in for a few minutes but make sure that you don’t leave it on too long or you could leave a residue. We recommend leaving the conditioner for two minutes and rinse thoroughly.

Gently Towel Dry

Same rules apply for drying, you want to be as gentle as possible and try not to disrupt or damage the hair fiber. So, place your towel around your hair and gently squeeze to remove the excess water — don't rub.

Don’t Be Harsh.

You may be out of the shower, but your job isn’t done just yet. The way you treat your hair post-wash is vital to its overall health and appearance. After you towel-dry, it’s always good to put some sort of heat protect on especially if you plan on using a hot tool. Remember, if you do plan on using a hot tool, you should never use it on hair that is even slightly damp. Hair needs to be fully dry before applying such heat.

Wash your hair the salon way & start seeing healthier hair!

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