Top 4 Spring Hair Care Tips for Gorgeous Spring Hair

Top 4 Spring Hair Care Tips for Gorgeous Spring Hair


Spring is finally here, which means the weather is sunnier, the flowers are in full bloom, and… your hair needs extra protection. Not only because winter has definitely taken a toll on it, but also because you want your hair to shine in the spring sun. Because we want to help you look your best this spring, we’ve decided to gather 4 of the best spring hair care tips you could think about applying this spring. Let’s have a look, shall we?

4 Spring Hair Care Tips to Keep in Mind

1. Trim Your Hair

As we’ve already mentioned, winter is not the best company for your hair. Due to the cold air and the dryness around, your hair is also particularly dry. Not to mention the fact that you might be struggling with some dead ends. Which is why the first thing you should do once the spring season starts is go for a trim. You don’t have to drastically cut your hair if this is what you’re afraid of. All you need to do is get rid of the dry and damaged ends and help your hair regain its shine and health.

2. Air Dry Your Hair

It’s understandable that during those cold winter months you couldn’t wait for your hair to dry naturally, so you had to rely on a hairdryer. While hairdryers are extremely convenient, they’re not that healthy for your hair. Which is why now, when the weather is warmer, you should air dry your hair as much as possible. Taking a hairdryer break is precisely what your hair needs in order to regain its strength. If you must use the hairdryer, we advise you to keep it as far away from the hair as possible. This will avoid it damaging the strands.

3. Lighten the Color of Your Hair

In spring, not only the days should be lighter, but your hair as well. Again, you don’t need a drastic change if you don’t want one. Still, a few highlights or a balayage are going to put some much-needed light into your hair, without changing the way you look too much. Your natural hair color can be anything. As long as you keep the lighter shades no more than two shades lighter than the roots of your hair, the entire procedure will give you a sun-kissed look that you’re going to love.

4. Buy an Anti-Humidity Product

One of the main challenges your hair is going to face in spring is humidity. As much as you try to get it to stay the way you want it to, humidity is going to make this extremely difficult. That’s why we recommend investing in a really nice anti-humidity spray. It will completely revolutionize the way you regard humidity. All you have to do is apply it to your hair after you’ve styled it, making sure you aim at the roots. The only thing you have to keep in mind is that too much of it might leave some residue in your hair, and that is the last thing you want.

Do you want to have the perfect spring hair? Then don’t forget to apply the spring hair care tips and tricks above and get ready to shine.

Source: Beautifully Alive