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When it comes to fashionable shoes, support and comfort both usually go out the window. It’s up to us to add the comfort to keep us in those fancy shoes, so we don’t feel crippled with pain later!

What Are The Best Insoles For High Heels

With this Insert Pad for Women’s High Heel Shoes you’ll get cushioned support and protection from foot pain. These adhesive pads go at the forefoot of your shoes to provide anti-slip grip, comfort and protection. They are transparent in color so no one will even notice you’re wearing them! Add them into your fancy heels today, and avoid foot pain tomorrow.

Do Gel Insoles For High Heels Work


Transparent In Color: The cushioned inserts are clear and transparent in color. They won’t be seen by anyone and won’t ruin the color of your nicest heeled shoes.

Silicone Material: Made from silicone, your forefoot will get consistent and long-term comfort. They are soft and comfortable, and the bumped silicone design means you won’t slip in them either.

Self-Adhesive: Place them exactly where you need in your shoes. The adhesive backing means they won’t slip or slide off.

What Are The Best Insoles For High Heels


Use All Your Expensive Shoes Again: Stop avoiding and ‘saving’ those expensive high-heeled shoes you bought because they’re too uncomfortable. Now you’ll get non-slip comfort all the time.

Prevent Foot Pain: High heeled and fashionable shoes usually don’t have the required support you need. Now, you can add the support you need and prevent foot pain afterwards.

Prevent Other Pain: It’s not just your feet that suffer without proper support and cushioning. Ankle, leg and even back pain can occur too. Prevent these from occurring anymore!

What Are The Best Insoles For Heel Pain


  • Item: Forefoot Insoles
  • Materials: Soft Silicone Gel
  • Color: Transparent
  • Use For: Women
  • Size: One Size Fits All
Best Insoles For Heel Pain

Customer Reviews

Based on 20 reviews
Increase the comfort in your high heels

Love these!! Perfect for my 6 inch platform shoes that I perform in. The balls of my feet didn't burn at the of the night!

Melissa Lewis
Happy feet

I have planters fascists and I work at the post office as a pse. So I’m im on my feet from 1 am to 6 or longer some days. I put these on this morning for work. It’s now 640 and I can a huge difference already. I’m very satisfied with these and I will definitely be buying more in the future.

Cheryl F.
No more pain

I suffer from Morton’s Naroma on both of my feet and these cushions have really helped me I would recommend them highly.

Garrett M Imeson
Solid Option for Extra Support

Let's face it - high heels are good for a lot of things but they aren't exactly known for being comfortable. We've all seen someone limping after wearing high heels too long for a night. While these don't magically make high heels great for your feet, my wife says they make them far more comfortable to wear for longer periods of time. This is a solid option.

Cindy Carley
Great Product

Great product. Really took the tension out of my feet and allowed my heels to feel comfortable when wearing them! I'm very happy to share that these are worth purchasing!

Lisa W.
Works as expected.

Sticks well to shoe. Prevents foot from sliding.