Ultimate 3 Barrel Hair Styling Iron | Mermaid Waver Iron

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How To Do Beach Waves With Curling Iron

Spending too much of your time nailing the perfect mermaid curls? No reason to despair! The Ultimate 3 Barrel Hair Styling Iron will eliminate the time and effort spent on looking presentable for work, leisure, or partying. Winding and twisting your hair, and those old fashioned rollers will be a thing of the past with this professional quality waver iron in your hands. It works equally well for long, short, full, curly, or thin and straight hair. The ceramic tube heats evenly with negatively charged ions so you can have perfect, lush curls, without frizz, in just minutes!

How To Curl Short Hair


  • Negative ion technology to help keep hair healthy and strong
  • Lightweight and easy to bring on the go
  • 3 barrel design and even heat distribution
  • Professional style iron to help give your hair even curls, waves, and body
  • Temperature control technology gives 2 modes, 170°C/338°F and 220°C/428°F
  • PTC heating body, universal voltage, and one switch setup
Hair Curling Iron

How To Use:

  1. The styling iron works best on dry hair that is well combed and split into separate sections to make styling easier. If your hair is thick, separate sections with hair clips.
  2. Plugin the styling iron, choose gear and let it heat up for about a minute.
  3. Pull out a two-inch wide section of dry, combed hair and press the styling iron over the section for a few seconds, then move the styling iron slowly from root to end, repeating until all the hair is styled.
  4. Cool the Ultimate 3 Barrel Hair Styling Iron for no less than fifteen minutes before putting it away after use. Make sure the iron is cool before putting it away.

Best Curling Iron For Long Hair

The Ultimate 3 Barrel Hair Styling Iron is perfect for salon use and home use alike. The professional quality styling iron has a heating element that releases anions to minimize any hair damage as caused by traditional styling irons and wave curlers. The Ultimate 3 Barrel Hair Styling Iron is a perfect gift for any woman who cares about styling her hair with minimal damage and professional results.

Curling Hair With Curling Iron

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 28 reviews
    Sandra C

    This is a perfect curl size. Not too big or small. Easy to do by yourself or for other people too. My hair is dry and have a lot of damage from chemical but this tools is good enough to not damage my hair more. Otherwise, this tools can save your time on rush hour. Just count 1-2-3 and done! Perfect curl. (I separate my hair for 3layers).

    Vanessa Arias

    I have a couple of curling irons but I have never owned a 3 barrel curling iron, so I decided to purchase one to achieve the wavy hair look. I chose this one mainly because of the white and gold color and the good reviews, luckily it didn't disappointment me. It is very easy to use. It heats up very quickly, and it doesn't take long to finish curling, therefore it is perfect for when you are running out of time to get ready. I love the wavy curls these barrels give, but i got to practice more to get a perfect hair look. :)

    Monica Jimenez

    The product works great. I have naturally curly/frizzy hair and my daughter's hair is very straight. We both tried this out and both loved our results. I would recommend for any hair type based on our experiences. It also heated up very quickly for us.

    Gets hot quick

    I hate doing my hair, like literally hate doing my hair and this is actually very quick at heating up making it so that I actually do it. I had a cheaper one of these when I was younger and have looked for one that was similar every since. This one is much more efficient than the one that I had when I was younger, it is really easy to use and it makes the crimps/curls that I want in like half the time the other one did. It is a very affordable price for something that works so well. The cord makes it easy to maneuver without having to move my position which makes it really easy to work on my daughters hair as well.


    I wanted a curler that was easy to use and would give my hair a little bit of a wave, not a curl. I wanted a beachy, natural look. This curler is perfect for that. It is pretty much a crimper, but it gives my hair a very subtle wave.

    Ladonna L.

    I love this product! I have long, straight, fine hair that takes forever to curl and the curl never holds all day, this product took me about 7 minutes to curl all my hair and the curls were beautiful and lasted all . Even when I woke up the next morning the curls were still there.