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I like the way it feels on my scalp

Works perfectly

Manicure set

This is a gift for my sis! I love it. Wish I’d ordered one for me. Such a great bargain.

all good thank you

Microneedling Derma Pen

An amazing product. It works. I use it once a week before bed preferably. My advice would be to not put any face cream on for at least one day to let it work. I recommend this product.

Professional Hair Regrowth Laser Comb

A wonderful product. I highly recommend it. I can see an improvement in my hair.

It worked

Didn't take too long and was easy to use.

Mis marian heneghan

Very good thank you

Awesome Product

I’m really satisfied with the quality of this Callus Vacuum Remover, it really does the job. It’s also very handy and easy to clean after each use.

I love this for my hair and my kids.

Good quality and design

I use the device weekly and it helps my feed stay smooth.

Good Product

Works really well.

Husband was very happy with the product



Battery doesn't last long.

Just the best callous remover

Very happy best proud everyone should try

Works as advertised ..

Regrow laser comb

I believe I’m seeing a difference in the thickness of my hair and new hair growth. I use it while I sit watching tv !!! So far so good!

Not enough power

Should work but doesn’t seem to have enough power to actually file down the callouses

I loved it! My eyebrows stayed intact for a really long time!!! I read an interview about how theirs didn’t come with a brush, but mine was all good!

I love the way it makes my eyebrow look! So good for its price and it stays on all day!!