Stimulation Scalp Massage Brush And Shower Scrub

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Need to upgrade your shower routine? Stimulation Scalp Massage Brush And Shower Scrub is the perfect scalp massage tool for shower time.
Best Scalp Massage Brush And Shower Scrub

It features silicone bristles that improve hair growth and circulation and vibrates to gently massage your scalp and help wash your hair.

Buy The Best Scalp Massage Brush Online
It comes with a delicate appearance and a water-proof body. It can imitate real person’s technique like a beautician’s light hand, not only tenderly and deeply cleans your skin (scalp cleaner), but also relaxes you sense by the heavy pressure (scalp massager) it provides. You are now able to wash your hair even after you style your nails!
Benefits of Scalp Massage


  • Waterproof Body Structure: Can be used in a bathroom safely because of its waterproof feature. Gently stimulates your scalp to make you feel relaxed and refreshed. Relieves tension and promotes good sleep.
  • Unique Vibration Function: Vibrate on the scalp several thousand times per minute. Stimulate the scalp gently and give you a healthy state.
  • Amazing Cleaning Ability: Remove and prevent collections of shampoo residue that makes your hair dull and limp. Firm bristles do so with shampoo and other hair treatments even into the thickest hair.
  • Silicone Brush Pin Material: Made of high quality and durable ABS & silicone. Helps to avoid contacting the scalp directly with the nail. Reduce bacteria and imitate scratching the scalp.
Scalp Massage Brush And Shower Scrub Reviews


  • Wet state:
    • While washing your hair, put appropriate shampoo on the wet hair. Circle around in the hair until making a lot of froth. Then switch it on and start moving slowly on the hair for 5-6 minutes.
    • Warm tip: Please keep the brush moving up and down. Don't move in a circle, so as not to twist the hair into a mass.
  • Dry State:
    • Can be used as the meridian massage comb when you're watching TV or lying down to rest.
    • No harmful substances that can harm your skin. It also has a very good effect on leg massage.
    • To achieve drainage swelling, Cellulite, clear the lymph, detoxification.
    • Warm tip: Keep it dry and the airiness. Do not put it under the sun and high temperature when not in use for a long time.
How To Use Scalp Massage Brush And Shower Scrub

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