Styling Eyebrow Soap Wax | Brow Sculpt And Lift Gel

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Fluffy and untameable eyebrows always ruining your whole look? Wow them with your style and attention to detail 

Take control and tame those wild brows with just a few strokes of our Styling Eyebrow Soap Wax | Brow Sculpt And Lift Gel.

Soap For Brow Gel

It's simple to use! Start by wetting the brush. Once wet, stroke it back and forth the soap wax product, ensuring you have enough of the clear gel on its bristles. Finally, brush your brows towards the direction they grow out of. Allow for brows to set once satisfied, and voila! Perfect brows for that showstopping look.

Beauty Days Soap Brows


Gain Complete Control With Its Unique Brow Taming & Shaping: IMMETEE's Eyebrow Soap Wax allows you to shape your brows to your hearts’ content! With this wax, you are in control of each individual strand of your brows’ hair. So will it be a feathered brow look today, and a more natural-looking one tomorrow?

Boost Brow Color With Its Clear Gel Formula: Its gel-like consistency makes it easy to apply and reapply. Despite its clear color, its formula tends to make the brow color pop, in contrast with the skin, giving off that 3D effect.

Add Long Lasting Natural Volume And Thickness: With just a few simple strokes of the brush, your brows can reach that perfect natural look-- with just the right amount of volume and thickness! Oh, and don't worry about losing these results after a while-- once set, your brows are practically locked in for the whole day!

Nourishes And Conditions For Healthier Brows: Each application acts as though you're applying conditioner to your brows, making them stronger and healthier each iteration.

Portable And Compact Sliding Container Design: Its no-mess easy-to-open sliding container makes it compact and portable. On-the-go? No problem. Simply put it in your pocket or slip it in your bag! Do your brows wherever you go.

Clear Soap For Brows


Instagrammable Brows Without Much Effort: Experience being proud of your natural brows! IMMETEE's soap wax knows exactly how to bring out the best in your eyebrows! 

Eyebrows Cemented in Place: Long and hectic day ahead? No matter what you go through, your eyebrows will remain constantly in place. 

Affordable and Accessible Brow Solution: No need to get those eyebrow tattoos or buy expensive brow makeup! A little goes a long way with this product-- it can last you for months on end!

Only Takes a While to Apply: No need to spend 20+ minutes on eyebrow makeup! Brushing takes less than five minutes-- you can even do it on the go! 

Healthier Brows: Brows grow healthier with each application! Very beneficial-- can even be used while staying at home!

 Soap Brows Review

What Does The Package Include?

  • 1 X Eyebrow Soap With Box
  • 1 X Brush

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 16 reviews
    Leela Kurian

    I loved it! My eyebrows stayed intact for a really long time!!! I read an interview about how theirs didn’t come with a brush, but mine was all good!


    I love the way it makes my eyebrow look! So good for its price and it stays on all day!!


    Great dupe for Anastasia Brow Freeze!

    Sal Bashi

    Great product


    Super nice to put on brows honestly made my life easier not so sticky or anything it’s great

    Denise Fuentes

    I love it ...makes my eyebrows look nice .